Tiell is one of the larger islands known, and is the largest civilized territory off of the mainland. It has diverse geography and several civilized factions residing on it.


Tiell has been settled for little over 200 years, initially controlled by The Meritocracy of Nantanos, other factions were quick to rise and only a small period of war was experienced from 1436 I.C. to 1442 I.C.


Tiell, as a whole is very different from Maldor. The people are much more free in any of the factions’ governments than in the continental powers of The Wuleaux Empire, The Kathaka Stratocracy, and The Maraou Imperium. Not only are they safe from constant war due to the three nation’s lack of interest in Tiell, but they also experience a fair amount of luxury from the moderate resources of the island. The resulting, low tension atmosphere, found through the island makes it a unique place with much to appreciate.


Current existing factions:
Meritocracy of Nantanos
Kingdom of Bridget-Arsyllium
Principality of Syndell
Order of Erstenwold


The geography of Tiell is highly diverse including almost every major biome aside from rainforest. Listed here are the identifiable regions:
Temperate Forests of Sirell
Windswept Plainsland of Mirell
Tundra Bluffs of Eirell
Swamped Coast of Nirell
Scorched Barrens of Wirwell
Oceanic Reef of Direll


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