Ten-Lein, shrine of the major water goddess Lein, is the most extravagant shrine in Solaan and crown jewel of Heme. The shrine is located within a tower built in the middle of a river. The tower reaches five stories up and two stories down. Water flows down intricate patterns carved in the interior and exterior walls of the shine. Stairs weave inside and out of the tower and lead to catwalk lining the edge of the tower’s upper levels. The centerpiece of Ten-Lein is a massive fountain that has constant jets of water brilliantly shooting up through the tower shaft and even passing through the open roof. The fountain actually does not start at the ground level, but rather at the bottom of the tower. Along the edges of the tower’s interior are statues and small fountains bearing a likeness of Lein.

Only the Shaman are allowed in the first floor below the ground, and the second floor below ground contains the origin of the great fountain, the true shrine, and is only accessible to the High Shaman Arsef.

Shaman of Lein

Cult Skills:

First Aid, Swimming, Healing, Play: Harp, Perception, Pact(Lein), Meditation, Sing

Cult Spells

Bless, Water Breathing, Meditation, Heal Wound, Heal Body, Ebb and Flow, Rain


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