Shrine to Jin, Ten-Jin is a large fire pit, constantly burning, in a clearing of Snatchlight Grove. There is a stage, and a bust of Jin on the right of the pit, as well as a horde of random items on the left. Each of these items is something that has been tricked out of a person’s possession, and is destined to be burned in the bonfire as an offering to Jin.

The shaman and druids of Ten-Jin are the procurers of offerings and seek to trick anyone who approaches the Snatchlight Grove. They are occasionally sent out by Jin to play tricks on far off places or important targets.

Cult Details

Tricksters of Jin


Illusion, slight affiliation to Beast and Darkness

Spirit Types:

Nature, Nymph

The Hidden Heist (Resonance 85%)

In the legends of long ago, when Jin was at his strongest, it was said that he could magically steal things which people did not know they had, or appreciate properly. From the gods, he stole minor landmarks and artifacts. A true follower of Jin should be able to perform a similar feat on his fellow man.


Respect what people value.
See the value in all things.
Go all out on large goals.

Cult Skills:

Dance, Sing, Influence, Evaluate, Slight, Play: Flute, Acrobatics, Art: Acting

Spirit Allies:

Fox Spirit – Will create an illusion, transforming one item into another for one hour. As its payment, he fox asks only that you use its powers to trick people.

Forest Shade – Will search for one thing in an area of darkness. In remuneration for its service, the Forest Shade would like you to secure a new dark place outside of Jin’s land for it to visit as it pleases.

Rank Skill Requirement Extra Condition
Follower 4 Cult Skills Deliver one offering to Jin
Worshiper 4 Cult Skills, 35% Deliver ten offerings to Jin
Shaman 4 Cult Skills, 55% Deliver one offering of great value to Jin
Trickster 4 Cult Skills, 80% Perform a Hidden Heist


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