High Shaman Arsef

High Shaman of Heme, Prime Devotee of Lein


Arsef has the most favor of the water goddess Lein and so can ask the most of her power. It is said that his ties to Leinput him so close that he may even be able to fully monopolize all of her power.


Arsef is one of three most powerful High Shaman in the Mirea region. He is highly reclusive and spends most of year in the depths of Ten-Lein. He is supposedly the sole consort to Lein and is the only person to have spoken with the water goddess in nearly four decades. Arsef’s shaman maintain the great shrine Ten-Lein and keep watch over the stretch of the Gell River to from the Dode Mountains to Brightmist Lake.

High Shaman Arsef

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