The Tragic Druid


Short version: Dezran was abandoned as a baby, raised by magic wolves in a magic forest, then all the other animals got pissed at the wolves, killed them all and took Dezran away, to trade him among one each other, he lived like this slowly learning the extent of his magic, until he wandered out of the forest one day, and was found by a town alchemist, who took him in and raised him as his son. Dezran fell in love with some chaotic good bitch, and they were happy for a while before his whole town was slaughtered by some slavers/generic bad guys, except for the pretty girls, Dezran’s girl included, Dezran tracked them for several days, engaging them in combat once, and slaughtering all of the baddies that stayed, as the boss baddies ran off with the girls and loot. Dezran continued to track the big baddies, who decided that they couldn’t escape with the loot, so they killed all of the girls. Dezran found his girl with tragic timing right as she was taking her last breath so she could say something dramatic to the effect of “I knew you would come for me.” right as she died. Dezran then went actually insane, and used his wolf form to catch up to the big baddies and eviscerate all of them, tearing limbs off and such, in a brutal bloodbath of a battle. Dezran then went back to his human form and walked for two straight weeks without stopping, until he walked right into an inn, where a group of adventurers hired to obvious woodsman to guide them though a dark forest, where Dezran accidentally poisoned them by feeding them mushroom stew made from wild mushrooms, which while delicious, was deadly to all but Dezran, who spent most of his life in a dark magical forest building an immunity to things like that. Dezran spent the next three or so years wandering around and assisting various adventurers, and occasionally accidentally poisoning them when they ran out of food. Dezran currently suffers from the delusion that his long dead girlfriend is still alive; this has proceeded to the point that Dezran will often hold conversations with her, and often will behave as if she were present telling others to speak with her for help with things.

Time for a load of poorly written backstory, copied straight from the notebook.

Dezran was abandoned a dark forest at around eight months of age; his grandfather, an overzealous deacon at the local church, forced his teenage teenage daughter to abandon her fatherless child, Dezran, when he began to display an affinity for magic. Dezran’s magical affinity caused the various animals of the dark wood to flock to him, and many of them began to care for him. The animals of the dark woods in which Dezran lived were larger, and much more intelligent on than the more common breeds you see around the world, and consequently many of the animals began to befall the blunders of the more intelligent raced, with many of them becoming greedy and spitefull. It didn’t take long before one of the various intelligent wolf packs saw Dezran’s potential for mayhem, and scooped him up to raise as one of their own. It was in the wolf pack that Dezran learned to fight, he learned to fight with the natural magics which he had been born, he learned to change his form to better suit combat. It didn’t take long for the pack that took Dezran to… To be continued when I get to a computer


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