Amaury Aubin

Grizzled Veteran


Much like the majority of his Half-Orc kin Amaury Aubin’s birth was of wicked conception. After slaughtering the decrepit militia of the village of Denain, a small
band of Orc bandits had their way with the town’s wealth, belongings, and women.
Amaury’s father was one of these ruthless sadists, his name is unknown as are his
origin or whereabouts. Amaury’s mother, Amélie Aubin, was driven from Denain by the
village’s elders after she refused to relinquish her newborn atrocity to the village council, where he was to be put to death.

After weeks of traveling Amélie decided to settle down on the outskirts of the city of Browning. She had a small cottage built big enough for her and her newborn infant to grow. It is here that Amaury was raised as a normal human child; however, growing up was hard on Amaury as his beastly features scared most children and most of the locals considered him to be an abomination. He recieved an education at a private school within Browning and most teachers applauded him on his adequate intelligence, something they didn’t expect from such a creature.

Raising a crossbred child also made life hard on Amélie. Most men inside of Browning wouldn’t even look at her. She was renowned throughout all of Browning for having intermingled with an Orc and having kept the sinful child, raising it as her own. She knew from the beginning that keeping the child would result in her being criticized for her actions but she didn’t care. She knew that keeping the child was the right thing to do and has shared a strong bond with Amaury all through his life, as he is all she has.

During Amaury’s teenage years he began to have a strong fascination with the art of combat. He realised that his Orc-Like physique allowed him to have above average strength and his brutish looks would make him a fierce opponent on any battlefield. Realizing his natural abilities he quickly took to becoming an officer of Browning’s police force. The force’s basic training academy whipped him into shape and refined his strength, skills, and character. He spent the next decade of his life enforcing the law of Browning and catching crooks and wrong-doers. He faced many quarrels with the Town’s criminals and almost always emerged victorious. He quickly rose in rank within the police department and became renowned for the brute force he used to subdue the criminals of Browning.

After five years in the force he received a promotion for all of his hard work. He was already considered to be an elite member of Browning’s police force and qualified to become a guard at Browning’s high security prison. During his work at the prison he helped contain many prison riots and prevented several prisoner deaths. His work went well noticed in the prison and after just a few years the aging warden was ready to step down. He nominated Amaury to receive his title and Amaury accepted it graciously. Amaury reigned over his prison for four years, maintaining it’s record of having no escapees, until one day a life changing event happened.

Miraculously an entire block of prisoners had somehow managed to escape the confines of the prison. This made Amaury look as if he had no control over the prison and many people in Browning were beginning to question his abilities. Amaury became outraged by this and stepped down from his position. He promised the people of Browning that he would track down every single last prisoner and make sure that they would be either returned to the prison or executed by his hand. The next day he kissed his now elderly mother goodbye and headed out in search of the escapees, promising he would return home when his deeds were done.

Amaury Aubin

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